#MeetTheTeam Series: Meet Lyle

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Introducing Lyle Visagie: From Brand Ambassador to Operations Manager

Welcome to the next installment of our “Meet The Team” series, featuring one of our dedicated employees, Lyle Visagie. Lyle has been an integral part of the Matriarch team for over 12 years, having been amongst the first employees to join our Cape Town branch when it first opened its doors.

Starting off as a Brand Ambassador, Lyle’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the company saw him climb the ranks to become a loyal member of our Cape Town Operations Team. Today, Lyle holds the position of Operations Manager, a testament to his impressive work ethic and passion for the industry.

In his current role, Lyle oversees the logistics and operational activities of our Cape Town branch. While our clients see the final polished results of our brand activations and events, what they don’t see is the tireless effort, long hours, and hard work that goes into making each project a success. That’s where Lyle comes in – our behind-the-scenes master, the man-with-a-plan, and an indispensable member of our team.

A few interesting facts about Lyle:

🚗 Lyle’s love for cars runs deep. He’s restored his Late Grandmother’s Yellow 1984 Toyota Corolla 1.8 GLS, which has become quite the sensation.

♥️ Cupid struck at work for Lyle, as he met his girlfriend when she was part of the Matriarch team.

🇿🇦 Lyle has been with our Cape Town branch the longest, earning him the title of our Cape Town team veteran.

🍺 After his girlfriend and his car, Lyle’s third love is Craft Beer & Red Heart Rum 😜

Today we’re chatting to Lyle to learn more about him and what drives his passion for the experiential marketing industry. Keep reading to discover more about the person behind the impressive job title.

Q: What has been your most memorable campaign or event, and why? 

Although most campaigns I have worked on have left a lasting impression, there was one in particular that stood out for me. The Nivea Men’s Barbershop campaign was an exhilarating experience that put our Operations Team’s skills to the test. Despite the tight timelines, late nights and very early mornings, our team delivered an exceptional job, and we felt really proud of the outcome. 

Q: What do you love most about the Experiential Marketing industry?

What I truly love about this industry is its diversity and the constant challenges it presents. Each campaign is distinct, bringing its own unique set of hurdles to overcome. This keeps my work exciting and stimulating, as no two days are alike. It is a role that requires me to remain adaptable and responsive, and I find that aspect of the industry to be incredibly fulfilling.

Q: What do you love about living in Cape Town?

The beautiful scenic surroundings, great people and atmosphere.

Q: What is your ideal pizza topping?

Anything with either Mushrooms or Pineapple on 🍕

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