The Matriarch Foundation is driven by our unwavering belief in the girl-child, to nurture future Matriarchs and to break the cycle of poverty in our communities. Inspired by global examples of how changing the lives of girls changes the lives of communities, we aim to make a marked difference in ensuring the young girls we support reach their full potential as strong and powerful women and through this, change the world.

The Matriarch Foundation has been set up to facilitate and support the education of our girl-children through tuition fees, school uniforms, extra-murals and academic support. We ended 2016 and started the journey of our foundation, with gratitude and in lieu of corporate gifts, we pledged R50,000 to the Matriarch Foundation to ensure a deserving girl receives the gift of education, and her community the gift of promise.

2017 saw our first official recipient enter the program, Olwethu Mkhize. Raised by a single mother of two, Olwethu’s talent and promise are what keeps her mom striving to give her the best. This little girl loves school, and her creativity is already shining through in the beautiful pictures she draws and carefully colours in. Olwethu has gone from strength to strength in 2018, and we are so proud of the progress she is making!