Building a Business With Heart

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Building a Business with Heart: How to Create a Company Culture that Prioritizes Purpose and Impact

By Leanne Pechey

When it comes to building a successful business, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers: profits, growth, and market share. But what about the people and the purpose behind the business? Building a business with heart means creating a company culture that prioritises purpose and impact and ensuring that both your employees and clients feel valued and heard ♥️

Our company, Matriarch, once used the slogan “Your brand – our heart.” Although our slogan has since changed, the sentiment remains true as we continue to operate with passion and dedication. 

Here are a few key steps you can take to build a business with heart:

1. Prioritise people: Building a business with heart means valuing the people who make it possible. This includes your employees, customers, and community members. Listen to their needs, give them a voice, and make sure their well-being is a top priority. A happy, engaged workforce is essential for the long-term success of any business.

2. Embrace transparency: A business with heart is open and transparent in its operations. Share your mission and values, and be transparent about your decisions, progress, and how you measure success. This will build trust with employees, customers, and community members and make it easy for them to understand how they can get involved and support the business.

3. Give back to the community: A key aspect of building a business with heart is giving back to the community. Find ways to use your business to support local causes and positively impact the world. This can be through volunteering, donating, or implementing sustainable practices that benefit the environment. We choose to give back to our community through The Matriarch Foundation, which has been set up to facilitate and support the education of our girl-children through tuition fees, school uniforms, extra materials, and academic support.

4. Lead by example: Building a business with heart is a leadership responsibility. As the leader of your company, you must lead by example, walking the talk of your values and mission. Make sure to communicate this to your team and inspire them to do the same.

It’s important to note that building a business with heart doesn’t mean sacrificing profits.

“Profit is not the purpose of a business, but it’s a necessary condition for its continued existence” – Peter Drucker.

Studies have shown that companies that prioritise purpose and impact often outperform their competitors in the long run. Building a culture that values people and purpose will create a more engaged, motivated workforce and a loyal customer base. This can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and, ultimately, profitability.

In conclusion, Building a business with heart is about creating a company culture that prioritises purpose and impact, ensuring that all stakeholders, including employees, customers, and community members, feel valued and heard. By focusing on people, transparency, community, and leadership, you can create a business that makes a profit and positively impacts the world.

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