Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

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This year, Matriarch reaches a significant milestone—25 years of excellence in experiential marketing. From our inception in 1999, the support we’ve received from both long-standing and new clients has been instrumental in positioning us as leaders in crafting innovative and engaging brand experiences. Each campaign we’ve executed reflects our commitment to quality and creativity, fueled by the strong relationships we cherish with our valued clients.

As we reflect on our journey of a quarter-century, our dedication to pushing the boundaries of experiential marketing remains unwavering. We are excited to continue this journey, embracing new challenges and opportunities to deliver exceptional results.

Matriarch Milestones: A Celebration of Enduring Success

Sasko: Our journey began with Sasko, hosting engaging Gig Rig roadshows across the country, equipped with a team of talented performers and the iconic Sasko Sam mascot making appearances. Decades later, we are immensely proud to still collaborate with the Pioneer Foods (PepsiCo) team, which is a testament to our enduring partnerships. 

Beiersdorf: Our partnership with Beiersdorf has flourished since the early 2000s, spanning over two decades of success. This enduring relationship features standout NIVEA mall activations, a pioneering Eucerin Loyalty campaign in the early 2000s, and various experiential marketing initiatives. Over the years, this relationship has grown and evolved, consistently demonstrating our mutual commitment to innovation through impactful and successful initiatives.

Unilever: We are proud to have maintained a strong partnership with Unilever for nearly two decades. This longstanding collaboration began with an Ola Moo sampling campaign almost 20 years ago and has since expanded to encompass an array of exceptional experiential marketing campaigns across multiple brands. Our journey with Unilever has been one of continuous innovation and shared success, reflecting our commitment to delivering impactful marketing solutions that resonate with consumers.

Our other valued clients: Our business has significantly grown and evolved, now boasting partnerships with over 20 other incredible South African clients, each contributing to our rich tapestry of success and innovation in the marketing industry.

Signature Annual Campaigns

White Star Miss Soweto: An iconic event that celebrates community and empowerment. This award-winning tradition has flourished under our stewardship, becoming a cornerstone of empowerment and cultural celebration each year.

White Stars Biggest Breakfast: This national event unites people around the breakfast table, annually celebrating community and shared experiences.

Leadership and Legacy

Our Directors: Remarkably, 90% of our company directors have been with Matriarch since its inception. Their journeys are a testament to our nurturing work environment, with many starting as young students and evolving through various pivotal roles. This rich, diverse experience within our ranks underscores the depth of commitment and breadth of perspective that guide our operations.

As we celebrate this 25th anniversary, we are immensely grateful for the vibrant journey Matriarch has traversed in the realm of experiential marketing. Reflecting on decades of innovation and meaningful connections, we are not just reminiscing about past glories but are igniting our passion for future breakthroughs. Armed with a legacy of creativity and deep partnerships, we step into the next era, ready to explore new horizons and redefine the boundaries of engagement.

Thank you for being part of our story. Here’s to discovering what the next 25 years will bring!

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For over 20 years, Matriarch has been delivering a wide range of effective experiential marketing solutions to South Africa’s favorite brands.

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