#MeetTheTeam Series: Meet Kirsty

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Introducing Kirsty Scriven: Our Passionate HR Admin and Training Expert

We are excited to introduce Kirsty Scriven, a key member of our team here at Matriarch, an experiential marketing company that thrives on delivering exceptional brand experiences. Kirsty’s role as an HR admin and training specialist is vital in ensuring the success of our campaigns and the growth of our talented team.

Kirsty’s journey with Matriarch began in 2007 when she joined us as an account executive. However, her true passion for staff training and development led her to transition into her current role. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Kirsty excels at managing promoter payroll, HR duties, and organizing staff and promoter training, all while ensuring smooth general administrative operations.

One aspect that makes Kirsty truly special is her dedication to training our Matriarch Brand Ambassadors, who play a critical role in our business. With her exceptional skills and unwavering enthusiasm, she empowers our ambassadors to embody our brand’s values and deliver outstanding experiences to our clients.

A few fun facts about Kirsty:

👩🏻👩🏻👩🏼 Kirsty is the youngest of 3 sisters, ALL of whom work at Matriarch.

🐶 Kirsty worked with her sisters in creating k9s_for_branda, a nonprofit to support public and private search and rescue K-9 units. This is a project that is really close to the hearts of her and her family, and is dedicated to her mom, Brenda 💛

👧🏻👦🏻Kirsty is a loving mother to two children

Today we’re chatting to Kirst to find out why she is so passionate about Matriarch, and believes that proper training is the key to a successful brand activation!

Q: Why do you believe that training is the key to a successful activation?

Experiential Marketing revolves around forging genuine connections between brands and consumers, making Brand Ambassadors a vital part of our activations. We understand that Brand Ambassador training is not just important, but absolutely essential. Surprisingly, this crucial detail often gets overlooked by other agencies.

Effective Brand Ambassador training ensures they possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence to authentically represent the brand and engage with consumers. It can be the difference between activation success or failure and directly impacts the experience your consumers have. That’s why I am dedicated to crafting top-quality training content for our Brand Ambassadors. By investing in their development, we guarantee the best possible outcomes for our activations and create remarkable experiences for everyone involved.

Q: What do you love most about working at Matriarch?

What I love most about working at Matriarch is the incredible team of staff who make it such a wonderful place to work. The supportive and collaborative environment we have is truly special. Additionally, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside both of my sisters. Being able to see them regularly and share this experience with them is a privilege that I deeply appreciate.

Q: What do you love most about living in South Africa?

The people, and the beautiful climate we have.

Q: What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

Being the liquorice allsorts man.

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