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Burger King SA embarked on an ambitious marketing campaign to harness the synergy between their target audience and the enthusiastic gaming community, particularly fans of the iconic Call of Duty Modern Warfare 11 (COD MW 11). Insights revealed a perfect alignment, highlighting gamers’ affinity for the game’s ‘Going Dark’ night vision feature, customizable character skins, and competitive gameplay.


To bring the COD MW 11 experience directly to its customers, Burger King SA launched a national roadshow featuring a custom-built gaming station. This initiative allowed gamers to compete in a leaderboard format for a chance to win enticing prizes such as Burger Town T-shirts, meal vouchers, headsets, and monitors. The roadshow’s excitement was further magnified through strategic social media amplification.


The campaign’s momentum was bolstered by partnering with renowned gaming influencer Jack Parow, who played a pivotal role in promoting the in-store launch of the COD King Box Meals. A robust promotional campaign was executed across social media and leading gaming platforms like ACGL, offering customers exclusive in-game Operator Skins with each COD King Box meal purchase.


The campaign’s climax was the immersive “Going Dark” event held at Burger King’s flagship N1 City store. This event transformed the venue into an electrifying warzone atmosphere, complete with Camo & Ghost Imagery, green neon accents, smoke machines, a bombed-out car, and laser effects. Attendees equipped with night vision goggles and laser guns embarked on a mission through the Ghost Tunnel, facing challenges and interacting with live game characters. The NXTLevel Experience zone, featuring a DJ and audio effects, offered additional challenges for COD meal purchasers, with successful participants unlocking exclusive prizes.


To ensure maximum engagement with the core gaming audience, the campaign utilized targeted PR, social media, and influencer engagement strategies. Notably, special challenges and competitions hosted on the ACGL gaming site allowed gamers to compete for prizes and collect animated Burger Town avatars, further deepening the campaign’s reach and impact within the gaming community.


The CALL OF DUTY MW 11 Campaign by Burger King SA represents a groundbreaking fusion of fast food marketing and gaming culture, creating a comprehensive and engaging experience that resonated strongly with its target demographic. Through innovative activations like the Custom Gaming Station Roadshow, influential partnerships, and the immersive Going Dark event, Burger King SA not only celebrated the spirit of competitive gaming but also strengthened its brand visibility and connection with the gaming community.

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