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In adherence to Covid-19 protocols, Matriarch was thrilled to collaborate with Edgars for their 2021 national Virtual Beauty Event, broadcast live from the Edgars Gateway store.


The live-streamed beauty event provided viewers with an immersive experience, offering insights on achieving a flawless finish, discovering the perfect makeup match, and mastering the art of blending colorful eyeshadows.

The virtual event seamlessly blended informative tutorials with interactive elements, engaging participants from the safety of their homes. The Edgars Gateway store served as the vibrant backdrop for the live stream, creating an authentic and dynamic setting. Strategic cues were incorporated to build anticipation for the upcoming Edgars Beauty Sale.


The Edgars Virtual Beauty Event achieved nationwide reach, bringing beauty enthusiasts together in a virtual space. The event’s success was marked by positive engagement, valuable beauty insights, and a memorable experience for participants exploring the world of beauty from the comfort of their screens.

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