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Matriarch played a pivotal role in orchestrating a standout staff conference for Beiersdorf, introducing the company’s strategic vision for 2024.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Champagne Sports Resort in the Central Drakensberg, the “INTO THE WILD” theme took attendees on an exploration of innovation, collaboration, and untapped potential, all infused with a unique African flair.

Matriarch’s comprehensive services spanned the entire event, from the initial theme development and creative execution to managing logistics like accommodation, transportation, venue setup, gifts, and beyond, guaranteeing an unforgettable and smoothly run experience for everyone involved.


The conference was enriched with incredible guest speakers, offering insightful perspectives and inspiring talks. A host of interactive experiences and surprises throughout the conference kept the audience engaged and excited. Fun, interactive team-building activities were designed to engage the staff, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration, and making the conference not just informative but also thoroughly enjoyable.

The evening gala transformed the venue into a wild oasis, combining refined celebration with untamed nature, featuring lush greenery, exotic prints, rustic elegance, and a sensory blend of jungle sounds and immersive lighting. The event was elevated with a fantastic entertainment lineup, ensuring a memorable evening for all attendees.

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