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Unilever Food Solutions, a global leader in professional food service, unveiled its inaugural Future Menu Trends Report 2023, crafted in collaboration with over 1,600 chefs across 21 countries.

Anchored around eight core themes derived from global data, insights from chefs, social media analytics, and the expertise of culinary professionals worldwide, the report offers practical, real-world applications.


Guests encountered the Future Menu launch event in a truly immersive manner as we brought each of the eight food trends to life through a dynamic showcase. The experience went beyond traditional tastings, providing powerful demonstrations and the opportunity to savor delectable dishes from each trend.

Attendees were fully immersed in experiences that allowed them to embrace the spirit of each culinary trend.

Matriarch’s involvement spanned from guest speakers to event concept, setup, and flawless execution, ensuring the success of this innovative and engaging event.

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