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Since 1979, the Miss Soweto pageant has empowered young women, nurturing uniqueness, femininity, and determination. This annual event serves as a beacon of hope, guiding contestants to successful careers in business, beauty, media, and fashion, producing over 43 accomplished beauty queens. Figures like Basetsana Khumalo and Lerato Kganyago have thrived post-participation.

White Star’s commitment to the Miss Soweto Legacy is evident through the White Star Legacy Project, supporting winners beyond their reign. The pageant inspires participants and resonates across Gauteng and SA, providing vital aid to charities and underprivileged communities. This partnership underscores White Star’s dedication to this impactful initiative.


The primary goals involve establishing White Star’s maize category leadership in Gauteng and the Northern Province by acquiring and retaining customers. The focus is on justifying the premium price for target consumers through strategic positioning. Miss Soweto played a crucial role in creating brand affinity through a series of pageant-based initiatives in Soweto.

These events, whether charity-based or brand-driven, aimed to empower contestants, provide valuable tips, and generate interest, contributing to increased brand awareness and connection with the core target market.


The Miss Soweto pageant focuses on empowering young women by encouraging academic achievements, ambitious careers, and community contributions, exemplified by a significant donation of White Star Maize Meal to the Rena Le Lona Creative Center for Chicldren.

Pre-event workshops spanning six weeks covered beauty tips, life skills, and professional development. Contestants received training in professional etiquette, grooming, presentation, assertiveness, personal development, and media interaction.

Strategic media engagements and exclusive coverage bolstered PR efforts, including a three-week Masterclass addressing public speaking, social media, and mental health. Sponsor-based initiatives from beauty brands and a celebrity chef enriched contestants’ experiences through workshops and unique demonstrations.


The night at Soweto Theatre was a dazzling affair as the new Queen of Soweto 2022 was crowned in an electrifying occasion hosted by Bridget Masinga, in partnership with Sowetan and its Women’s Club.

Vusi Nova’s crowd-stopping performance, along with new judges and sponsors, added a fresh vibe to this year’s extravaganza, captivating audiences nationwide.

White Star’s social media pages buzzed with images and snippets, fostering community engagement and enabling fans around the country to partake in the voting process. The 2022 Miss Soweto edition was a spectacular production, a highly memorable evening filled with the perfect mix of live entertainment, modeling, fashion, and giveaways.

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