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The #SABiggestBreakfast campaign, now in its seventh edition, represents a pinnacle of community engagement and brand activation for White Star Instant Porridge. Matriarch’s involvement from conception to execution highlights its adeptness in full 360 campaign management, embodying a creative and inclusive approach to branding and community support. The campaign aimed to unite South Africans in a celebration of the most important meal of the day, while also contributing significantly to community nutrition and engagement.


The #SABiggestBreakfast 2022 set ambitious goals to promote White Star’s vision of a nourished and united South Africa. By leveraging live streaming platforms, celebrity battles, and interactive community features, the campaign sought to engage nationwide participation. Matriarch’s strategy encompassed pre-event hype, engaging online content, influencer partnerships, and a significant community development aspect, culminating in a multifaceted event that offered entertainment, public engagement, and charitable contributions.


The centerpiece of the campaign was the Battle of The Stars, featuring renowned musicians Vusi Nova and Donald, which garnered widespread participation. Hosted by TV personality Thabiso Makhubela and supported by various influencers and celebrities, the event captured the nation’s attention, encouraging active online engagement and voting.


Digital platforms and influencer partnerships were leveraged to amplify the campaign’s reach. The strategic use of social media stories, engagement-driven contests, and dynamic content creation propelled the campaign’s visibility, making it a talking point across diverse audiences.


A cornerstone of the #SABiggestBreakfast initiative was its commitment to community nourishment. For every engagement received, White Star pledged maize meal donations to charities and schools, culminating in substantial contributions to underprivileged communities. This effort was bolstered by the Schools Competition, further aligning with White Star and PepsiCo’s broader social impact goals.

The #SABiggestBreakfast 2022 campaign, under Matriarch’s stewardship, achieved remarkable success in terms of engagement, brand lift, and community impact. By intertwining entertainment with social responsibility, the campaign not only reinforced White Star’s brand image as a caring and innovative leader but also showcased Matriarch’s capability in executing comprehensive and impactful marketing campaigns. The initiative set a new standard for how brands can effectively engage with their audience while making a tangible difference in the community.

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